About Us

Hey, lovely people!

I’m Kara, your friendly neighborhood mom of three adorable kiddos and wife to Aaron, my best friend and partner-in-crime, who is also Creative Kindling's financial and business guru. This may sound more like an "about me", but I promise, there's two people here - one of us just likes to stay behind the scenes!

Outside of being a mom and wife, I'm a business owner and worship leader at our church (quick plug for rechurchbrandon.org!). I love to create art whether it's through baking (where are my sourdough girls at?), singing worship music, or creating new products for you! Food is definitely my love language. In my dream world, you’d find me buried in books or a mountain of cheese and charcuterie—seriously, is there anything better?

I started this boutique because, let’s face it, life can get crazy, especially with kiddos. But in the chaos, there’s beauty. So, I decided to create quality, minimalistic pieces that remind us of God’s goodness when the going gets tough. Think of it as wearable therapy with a touch of sparkle and style!

Welcome to our little slice of sanity in this crazy world. Let’s laugh, let’s cry, and let’s celebrate the beauty of faith and simplicity together. So glad you’re here, friend!

P.S. Looking for our wholesale screenprinting? Visit creativekindling.com!

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